About Us

Our Mission

Connect the Commons LLC aims to create digital tools that foster resources sharing, mutual-aid, and economic self-determination in local communities.

We believe that local communities are abundant, and that everything we need can be found directly around us, if we know our neighoors and work together. We strive to increase access to resources through connecting nieghboors and community members via our digital mutual-aid and local exchange networks.  It is critical that all tools we create can be accessed for free and on public computers. 

Our program connects local community members in the same region to exchange a variety of tools, goods, and services. These exchanges may take the form of barter, gifting, mutual-aid, or a more traditional monetary transaction. By doing this we strengthen the local economy, the lending economy, and the gift economy! 

We believe the platforms we design are necessary tools in a world of increasing economic, political, and environmental uncertainty. We aim to support communities in supporting each other.

Image: Josh McPhee/ Just Seeds

Image: Josh McPhee/ Justseeds

How We’re Different

Unlike many tech start-ups Connect the Commons LLC operates as a not-for-profit (501)(c)(3) limited liability corporation. Our ultimate goal is to become a worker owned co-op!

We intentionally cycle resources back into the communities of our users by supporting community projects, directed by the votes of the users, as part of our aim to foster strong local communities driven economic development.  Connect the Commons resource sharing web and phone platforms stand out from existing resources sharing platforms in the following ways:

Connect the Commons makes connections for you based upon the needs and offers posted, so you do not have to spend hours scouring the web to find the skills, goods, or resources you need.

Additionally, we foster a culture of sharing and mutual-aid by encouraging forms of exchange such as sharing, bartering, and gifting, so that people of all economic backgrounds can participate and we can get our needs met in community.

This platform is created by, for, and with the local communities which use it.